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About Appearance

Q : Why do the colors of wooden grain differ in darkness?

A: Every JinGoo frame is made of real wood, and to retain the original colors and for durability, they are applied with only clear lacquer, without any coloring agent. Thus, you would be able to see each and every JinGoo with unique wood grain and in natural color. 


Q:Why do some golden birds show inconspicuous streaks? 

A :  The golden birds are all made in traditional way, painted with liquid gold film by a brush. Because of large-area application and firing at high temperatures, occasional fine streaks are normal, being a product of firing.

About Conneting

Q:Why can't I pair my Phone with Jingoo?

A:Press the pair button for 3 seconds. Then short press the same button. Go into your phone’s settings and tap on Bluetoot. Ensure your phone has connected with the right Jingoo number.

For more details, check out our video.

Q:I have a connecting history but can't pair this time?

A:Delete the connecting history on bluetooth first.

For more details, check out our video.

About Charging

Q:Should I turn off the switch on the bottom when not using the product?

A:You need not! The switch on the bottom controls the battery; leave it on so as to allow normal recharging and discharging. This switch is designed chiefly to increase the safety during transportation of the product and to minimize power consumption, ensuring that you receive a device with the battery at its best condition. In everyday normal use, just leave it turned on!


Q:Impossible to use the Bluetooth function when the battery is low?

A:We recommend recharging for 30 minutes when the battery is low, before beginning to use the device.


Q:What should I plug the USB charger connector into?

A:We recommend using a 5V 1A  USB charger with safety certification, for example, a hand phone charger.


Q : How long does the recharge take? How many hours can a fully charged battery last?

A:It takes about 5 hours to fully charge a battery; that battery can be used in continuous playback and lighting for at least 25 hours(*1).


Q: How do I know the device is fully recharged?

A: The battery indicator led continues blinking with orange light when the device needs recharging; led turns and remains lit in orange light as soon as the power is connected. the led goes out automatically when the electricity is full.


Q:With the device in the charging socket and the orange led lit, the led is still blinking after one night of charging. Is it fully recharged now?

This generally happens when the battey switch on the bottom is not turned on. Make sure the switch on the bottom is turned on when recharging in order to recharge normally.


Q:How to deal with the blinking orange light on the device?

A:First, check that the switch on the bottom is turned on. If the orange light remains blinking, it means a low battery. Please plug in the USB to charge.

For more Charging problems, check out our video.

Poor Sound Quality

Q :  Why is the playback suddenly interrupted?

A:  First, check whether the device is still normally connected. Check that the switch on the bottom is turned on normally.  Also check that the power is normal, without blinking orange light.

For more Sound Quality problems, check out our video.


Q:How to change battery when needed?

A:The device incorporates a built-in lithium battery that can be used for at least 3 to 5 years (*2). if it is necessary to change the battery, please contact your local dealer to enable the Manufacturer to perform it. To be able to give you a precise offer, we will quote you the costs of both the material and labor in the battery replacement as they will be. 

(*1:As a benchmark for the Lithium battery consumption, it was tested with the volume of playback set at 70% on an iPhone 6 while the light set at the brightest level. The charging time begins when the indicator light blinks; a 5V1A charger takes about 5 hours to charge to the full.)

(*2: Lithium battery has about 500 cycles of deep discharge. It is estimated based on 8-hour continuous use each day, with the volume of playback set at 70% on an iPhone 6 while the light set at the brightest level)

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