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Healing Sound Decorative Lamp

WHISPER is a lamp equipped with a variety of healing sounds, designed to open the door to serenity moments for you. Sound is indeed a powerful force that can touch our inner emotions, bringing us joy, comfort, and relaxation. In the midst of our busy lives, we often need a means to escape the hustle and bustle, seeking a peaceful sanctuary. Listening to the sounds of nature, learning to relax – that's precisely the purpose of WHISPER.

The superiority of WHISPER lies not only in its variety of natural sounds but also in a range of practical features, including time display, alarm clock, wake-up light ,and timer shutdown. These features distinguish WHISPER from ordinary night lights, as it serves the purpose of aiding sleep and gently awakening, potentially replacing other devices on your desk or bedside table.


Offers a variety of healing sound options to meet different emotional needs.


3 brightness and stepless adjustment of LED 2700K warm light.


Built-in timer with automatic shutoff after 30 or 60 minutes.


Gradually brightens the wake-up light within 20 minutes before the alarm goes off.



WHISPER is equipped with a variety of nature sounds and healing sounds, each carefully selected and recorded to provide you with the best listening experience. Whether you need a relaxing break during office hours or wish to harmonize with nature at home, WHISPER is designed to meet your needs. From the gentle patter of raindrops to the melodious chirping of birds, soothing lake water sounds, or the subtle noises of everyday life, each sound marks the beginning of a healing journey.


Healing sounds, are not just music; they have the power to heal the soul. Through calming background tones, WHISPER can evoke a sense of inner tranquility and offer a unique musical healing experience that relieves stress and promotes mental and physical balance. Therefore, when you feel tired or overwhelmed, consider letting WHISPER be your companion, accompanying you through every stage of your journey.



Confirm button

Right button

Light Intensity control

  • Short press
3-level adjustment​
  • Long press

Stepless adjustment

Left button


Healing Sound

Healing Sound

Coffee Shop
Singing Bowl
Cuckoo Clock

More Function Detail

Healing sounds

Provide a variety of healing sound options to meet different emotional needs.

Adjustable LED lighting

The 2700K warm light creates a cozy atmosphere, contributing to a relaxing environment for both mind and body as ambient lighting.

Automatic shutoff

Built-in timer function allows you to set the ambient light and music to automatically turn off after 30 or 60 minutes, facilitating bedtime relaxation and aiding in transitioning into a sleep state.

Alarm clock and
Wake-up light feature

You can set an alarm with the sound of birds singing in the morning forest, providing a gentler waking experience in the early morning and aligning our daily rhythm more closely with the pace of nature.The wake-up light gradual brightness feature of the ambient light within 20 minutes before the alarm goes off simulates the frequency and color temperature of a natural sunrise, assisting the body in adapting gradually to changes in light during the waking process.

About Healing Sound

Swedish research indicates that participants experience a significantly faster recovery in physiological stress levels when exposed to the sounds of nature after a stress test, compared to listening to noise. These study findings not only provide profound insights into the impact of natural sounds on mental health but also highlight a natural and effective way to alleviate stress in the fast-paced modern lifestyle. This may reflect a deep connection between us and the natural environment, as well as the healing power of natural sounds on the human psyche. By listening to the sounds of birds and flowing water, participants' sympathetic nervous systems recover more quickly, allowing them to regain inner calm and recover from stress in a short period.

Alvarsson, J. J., Wiens, S., & Nilsson, M. E. (2010). Stress recovery during exposure to nature sound and environmental noise. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 7(3), 1036-1046.

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Research led by Colorado State University in the United States has shown that natural sounds can help people relax, providing beneficial evidence for the impact of natural sounds on health. This includes reduced pain perception, decreased stress, improved emotions, and enhanced cognitive abilities. In comparison to individuals exposed to artificial noise, those surrounded by natural sounds experienced an overall improvement of 184% in health and positive emotions, with a 28% decrease in stress and anxiety.

The soothing effects of natural sounds on both physical and mental well-being extend beyond stress reduction to include improved sleep. In environments that are overly quiet, even minor, irregular noises can trigger alertness in the brain, leading to shallow and easily disrupted sleep. The stable and rhythmic nature of natural sounds can aid in faster sleep onset and make individuals less susceptible to disturbances. If you find yourself struggling to sleep, consider trying the healing power of nature to soothe your mind and promote better sleep.

A synthesis of health benefits of natural sounds and their distribution in national parks(




Hand crafted porcelain bird cover, which is fired in traditional kiln.


The base is made by natural wood, every piece of wood contains a unique story waiting to be revealed.



Color temperature



210 (h) x 91 (w) x 91(l) mm




porcelain bird cover/ walnut wood base / metal / plastic



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